Putting Faces to Places: Dubrovnik


Wandering through the streets, or should I say the stairs, of Dubrovnik, Croatia I came across an atelier sign. Ducking in, I found myself surrounded by vibrant oil paintings in a tiny room with high ceilings. A woman was there, she told me that I was standing in a chapel from the 12th century, one of the old still standing in the city. Then she introduced herself as Ivana, the artist of many of the works that crowded the walls, overlapping. 


Both her and her husband are artists, and while quite a few of their works are religiously themed, they also both have more abstract work as well as impressionist still lifes. Ivana was born in Dubrovnik, but studied art history in Sarajevo and Zagreb. She teaches art to middle school students when she's not painting or selling her work. 

After a bit the conversation lulled, and I walked around the small chapel to look at the canvases closer. While I was examining one that was a particularly bright daffodil pigment, the artist interrupted my thoughts saying, "Yellow is the color of joy." That is when I did a 360 turn and realized nearly every piece had at least a thread of yellow running through it.