Dogs of the Czech Republic


It is a simple fact of life: the Czech people love their dogs. Within the first day or two of being in Prague, we began to notice that there were many more dogs out and about with their owners than in other cities. We asked an American who had moved to Prague if he knew why and he had no clue the reason, just that it was true. 

Although I couldn’t find the source of the statistic, it is widely said that about 40% of Czech people own a dog, which would rank them higher than Germany, Britain, or France.

We found this rascal rolling in the pebbles of the royal gardens in Cesky Krumlov.

We found this rascal rolling in the pebbles of the royal gardens in Cesky Krumlov.

With a bit of research I found that it is very easy to own a dog in the Czech Republic as landlords cannot stop tenants from having dogs. Further, dogs are actually qualified as objects there, which gives outsiders no say over the ownership or treatment of a dog—I did see dogs treated very well despite this. The cost of veterinary care is also much less than that of the U.S. so it’s less expensive to take care of a dog. 


Many parks and cafes are dog-friendly, and you will see that Czech people walk their dogs everywhere. Often the dogs are not even on leashes, as they are so well-trained. 

In one store, my friend went to buy a souvenir. Upon pulling out her credit card, that has a picture of a yellow lab puppy on it, the shopkeeper cooed over ‘how beautiful!’ it was. 

The Czech Republic has been one of my favorite places in the world to visit. The architecture is gorgeous, the people warm, and the history interesting. But a true highlight was the amount of adorable dogs I saw all day long. Plus, I think that a population that enjoys the companionship of canines is pretty trustworthy.