Best Bites in Siem Reap

Recently, Siem Reap, Cambodia was named the second best travel destination in the world by Trip Advisor. I was staying outside the town for six weeks, thus I thought I could provide some insight to the best places to escape the heat and have a snack.

Sister Srey

Top of the list of hangouts and cafes in Siem Reap is Sister Srey, the boho coffee and lunch place owned by two Aussie sisters. Here you can munch on delicious fresh-baked goods or have a light meal. I must recommend the Tavocado, a.k.a. the best toast I have ever eaten. Whole grain, homemade toast with thick avocado and roasted tomatoes and feta with optional pesto. Brunch heaven. Sister Srey also has a book exchange upstairs and some goods and super cute clothes (with an Australian price tag). This indie-chic cafe is great for a lazy lunch by the river.

Gelato Lab

Another must if you are stopping in town after visiting Angkor Wat. Unbelievably, this shop is the best gelato outside of Italy. Enter the small, but polished setting and order at least two scoops of gelato or sorbetti (no dairy gelato) in a fresh waffle cone. All of the ingredients are fresh, so the fruit sorbettis are a good bet, but the dark chocolate sorbetti and the yogurt (reminiscent of a tangy, Greek yogurt) are some of my favorites. Not to mention the coffee. Honestly, I found the coffee to be the best in Cambodia. So don't forget to put this place on your map!

The Hive

The bar/cafe that is the Hive is a little off the main road. But don't let that discourage you. The atmosphere is cool, but chill and the homemade juices and smoothies out-of-this-world. Basically everything is good here from coffee to giant peanut butter cookies.


THE Mexican place in town. Definitely touristy, yet dependably delicious and decently priced. Here you can order drinks with an appetizer or a full meal. The food is either western or Khmer style and in large, fresh portions. Let me recommend the Viva pizza, made up of a crispy crust and plenty of taco toppings.

Blue Pumpkin

A very popular hangout is this French -inspired cafe. Best known for the upstairs lounge, equipped with fast wifi, cold air-con, and deep, comfy couches. Perfect place to relax and or get some work done. Sip away at their many beverages, I like the ice-cold lemon juice, and nibble at a desert. Blue Pumpkin can get a little pricey, but what can you expect from a place with so many extras?

Joe to Go

This cafe is also half art gallery, giving it a whimsical, colorful atmosphere. Again you can order from a fusion of local and western food. The Khmer food was better done than the western food, so try a taste of local flavor. Joe's is also a cool spot because it supports Cambodian children and helps to provide them with an education.

 Have you experienced the cafe culture in Siem Reap? Where do you recommend grabbing a treat?