A Page from Elsewhere: Seize the Day

It's been a bit since I've posted, due to the craziness of personal life and being back at home. Don't worry--I won't stop now! Even though the major travel of my gap year is over, I'll be keeping up with this site. Hopefully I will transfer to a new website name near the end of my summer to document future travels. "A Page from Elsewhere" will still be posted this summer, but on not so strict a schedule.

Today's doodle is inspired by Dead Poet's Society. "Carpe diem," meaning seize the day in Latin, may sound simple. Yet it is too often that we don't take action. We grow complacent in what we know, instead of striving to achieve new goals.

The whole reason for my gap year can basically be summed up in those two short words. I could have traveled after college, before I got a job, or when I retire. I didn't. Because if I said that I would travel an elusive someday then maybe that day would never come. So I made my dream happen.