A Page from Elsewhere: Dusky Domes


The streets gleamed as if polished and hordes of tourists meandered by, as I was sitting in the main square of Dubrovnik, Croatia. I had hardly touched my sketchbook in the first half of the trip because I had been traveling faster (a bit of a mistake). Now I had set off to head to the Balkans and take my time enjoying each place fully. Thus, I had lugged my sketchbook and watercolors into town and was racing the setting sun to capture the dusky glow that graced the Dubrovnik cathedral. 

A note for those who have seen artists in the street, working: come up and approach us, we may be in our own heads, but we don't mind a conversation. Too often, I watch people point and talk about me, and yet they are afraid to walk up and address me. I'd be happy to share my work with you, simply ask to see it. 

You can read about my first day in Dubrovnik, here.